Drupal – HTTP Error 0 when uploading files

Ran into this issue today with a site I am developing. Read through a lot of posts, on a lot of different sites. Steps I’ve tried include:

  1. Fixed write permissions on /tmp and sites/default/files
  2. Install and enable pecl upload progress
  3. Disable/Re-Enable IMCE & IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge module
  4. memory_limit already set to 512M
  5. Installed the jquery update module
  6. Replaced jquery.form.js
  7. Set the value of baseurl in settings.php
  8. Modified vhost file ServerName
  9. Last but not least…

I downloaded filefield-6.x-3.0-alpha2 and replaced filefield-6.x-3.9. Ran into 2 undefined functions:


copy/pasted from them from the corresponding filefield-6.x-3.9 files. Everything is running fine so far. The real test is in the morning when the rest of the developers are working on the site.

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