Software Projects


LastTimer: The last workout timer you may ever need.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • More documentation to come...


DevEnv: An somewhat opinionated developer environment.

BreakOut with JavaScript

  • My 2013 Summer Project, create an html5 game. Basically a BreakOut clone.
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • TDD using Qunit

Kitchen-Sink (website)

  • This project is a mix of all the snippets I have laying around. Needless to say things are a bit of a mess right now. I hope to clean this up soon.
  • Static html site using jekyllrb.
  • HTML5
  • SASS, Less, CSS3
  • JavaScript, Coffeescript, Dart


  • Static html site using jekyllrb.
  • SASS, Coffeescript
  • Custom Fuild Grid
  • Custom Parallax scrolling effects
  • Custom Image Gallery/Modal & Responsive Slider

GPU Technology Conference Registration and Scheduler (website)

  • Refactored large portions of a legacy custom PHP backend framework
  • Built with bootstrap, extended to copmany branding guidelines
  • Custom e-commerece integration
  • Onsite checkin system and integration w/3rd party badging system

Live Clippings - Ruby on Rails

Please help me test my new application Live Clippings.

  • Ruby on Rails web application
  • JavaScript bookmarklet tool

Sponduu (Android Application)

  • Developed an Android application with functionality based on the web application. (
  • Built a JSON Web API, to pull dynamic content.
  • Implemented ListViews, Local Storage, & Push Notifications.

Commission Data Entry & Goal Tracking System - GWT

  • Developed to meet the needs of two separate departments.
  • Technologies include Java, GWT, Google Chart APIs, XML/XSLT for reports.
  • Web based data entry form.
  • Generate Charts & Reports, Track Sales team goals
  • Legacy PHP version

E-filing System - PHP/GWT

  • Developed an E-filing System to boost employee efficiency & productivity.
  • Technologies include Java, GWT, MySQL
  • Fully search-able database driven backend.
  • User access and provisions by "file cabinet"
  • Ties into the Payroll Management System, allow easy access to Broker & Client Paperwork.

Payroll Management System - PHP

  • Developed a Payroll Management System for the Retail Brokerage/Investment Banking sector.
  • Technologies include PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Charts API, C#, Java
  • Wrote a Java app to parse a fix-length data file from the clearing firms mainframe.
  • The Java app imports data directly into a MySQL database via a scheduled event.
  • Customized Payroll Functions, Trade Blotters and Reporting, export to PDF or Spreadsheet.

Helpdesk - PHP

  • Developed a database driven Helpdesk to track and manage customer tickets
  • Technologies include PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Libchart.
  • Allows technology dept and end users to create and follow tickets. End user is emailed updates automatically via email(phpmail).
  • Charts showing the techs trending issues, average time tickets are open, techs strengths and weaknesses.
  • When a ticket is resolved, the ticket description along with the resolution are automatically added to the internal knowledge base, searchable by end user.

Self Extracting Jar - Java

  • Developed an Application that encrypts, archives, and creates a self extracting jar file.
  • Technologies include Java, & Swing.
  • Prefect for sending sensitive data over insecure connections.
  • Open Sourced this project on GitHub

Retail Broker Assistant - Java

  • Small Java Desktop application to improve a Brokers efficiency.
  • Technologies include Java Swing, Yahoo Finance API, Twitter API.
  • Broker enters a stock symbol, stock data and chart is returned via Yahoo Finance, and fields are populated.
  • Broker enters amount of shares and buy price, application calculate percentage gain/loss & market gain/loss.
  • Populates a table of sales scenarios, commissions, profit/loss.
  • Queries Twitter for latest tweets related to the symbol.
  • Open Sourced this project on GitHub

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