Why do you want to create your own programming language?

So before I get into "Why I want to write my own programming language", a little bit of back story. Bottom line, my blog has become stagnant. I've wanted to share my thoughts on being a developer, writing web applications, software, etc... but who has the time? I mean between my day job as a web developer for NVIDIA, being a new father, and Brokerage Management Systems, keep up with my blog? Really? Yes actually, that is something I want to do. So the desire is there but what is the next road block? Well, writing! I don't mind a short email, or txt message, but an entire blog post?

...and then there was Paul Irishs' video A walk with Paul Irish. If you are a web developer, or toying with the idea of becoming a web developer, you should certainly check his video out. Not only is it a great video on web development, but inspired me to:

  • get out of the apt, and take a walk...
  • update my blog with a short video on what I am up to these days...

I love talking to my wife about the Joys & Pains as a developer. Not cause she gets it but because she doesn't, yet I manage to "mezmerize her" (her words mind you). We were taking a walk this weekend and I figured I'd record a conversation we had regarding a book I am reading. I held my iPhone up and hit record. The camera was running and I was speechless... I stopped recording, and tried again. I hit record, mumbled a word or two, and stopped recording again. It just didn't feel natural. So I turned to my wife and said "when I say now, ask me about this book that I am reading"

A few seconds later I said "ok, now" & hit record...

...next time i'll record in landscape, lol!!!
Oh and the name of the book is: How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language.

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