iOS 7 Enterprise Wifi Issue

So I installed the iOS 7 beta last night, and I love it so far. One issue I found though is connecting to the wifi at work. I work on and test sites all day, especially those of a responsive nature. Since iOS 7 is not offically supported I knew I was on my own on this one. So I went straight to google, I found the "iPhone Configuration Utility".

This was a good start and after some trial and error ( and an hour or two ), I was able to get the wifi connected. Below are the steps I took, granted your environment may be a bit different but I hope this helps somewhat.

  • Download & Install the "iPhone Configuration Utility"
  • Launch "Keychain Access", from "Keychains" click "System", from "category" click "Certificates"
    Keychain Access
  • Export the certificate. Which certificate you ask? I only knew because I had to do a similar process for a blackberry sometime ago. I still had the cert from that process.
    Export the Certificate from Keychain Access
  • Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility from: "/Applications/Utilities/iPhone Configuration Utility"
  • Create a new Configuration Profile
  • From the General section, fill in the manditory fields
  • From the Credentials section, drag and drop the certificate
    Drag and drop the Certificate in the Credentials section
  • From the Wifi section, fill in the necessary info (username, password, security type, etc...)
    Fill in the SSID in the Wifi section Select the Protocols in the Wifi section Fill in your Authentication settings in the Wifi section Select your Certificate in the Wifi section
  • Email the Profile to your device
  • From your device, open & install the profile/attachment from your email
    Open the email containing the profile/attachment from your device Install the Profile on your device
  • Open "Settings" and "Wifi", it may connect without an issue, I had to restart my phone and connect again in order for it to work.
    Connect to the Wifi from your device

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